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Hey Schragie! Hi Bren! :wave:

Schragie and I had our fusions done the same day! :bouncing: So I am also 6 weeks post op posterior fusion at L4-L5. How am I doing now? Pretty good compared to the previous two weeks (where I had allergic reaction to nerve meds --neurontin & lyrica). I took myself down on my meds to 1 5mg vicodin daily, and 1/2 tab of skelaxin daily. And like Schragie, I take a little more when needed. I spoke with a alchemist.. who said after all the steroids & meds my body was very deficient in magnesium.. and hence the muscle pain/spasms. So I take 1-2 tabs a day of calcium/magnesium. I am skeptical about vitamins, but this stuff seems to be helping. I like not being on the meds.. as I feel like I have most of my facilities back now, instead of a foggy haze. I still hurt, my hips ache in my bones it seems, and my leg & foot pain are still evident, but a little better. I also throw on a lidocaine patch here and there where I needed it, mostly my upper back muscles get a little tense, but that is where any stress i feel goes. We all have a spot.. and that is mine. :eek:

I walk each day, but still couldnt tell you how far.. I guess I average 1.5 mile/per day. I rarely nap during the day. I can use my recliner now, but it's an electric recliner and stands you back up if you need it type. I bought that last year.. and I love it. No strain and it vibrates and has a heater in it.. Very spoiled with that thing indeed! :p

I can now sit for car length rides 1.5 hr long without wencing, but am indeed ready to get out and walk.

I can walk down the stairs very slowly one foot then the other.. coming up.. I can do the same, but a turtle can beat me up the stairs.

I want to try and go back to work within the next 2 weeks.. at least 1/2 days 3-4 days per week. I think I can handle that, so long as I dont have to file in the lower drawers. That I wont be able to do for awhile. I am a paralegal, a non-physical job, but sit at at desk.

I am waiting for the okay to get some physical therapy so I can loosen things up more. I am so stiff still, and home exercise other than standing leg stretches and abdomen work.. is about all I can truly say I can do at the moment. I managed the other night laying on my back in bed, knees bent to get on foot over the knee (piriformis stretch) and it was major work, but could only do one each! hehehe.

I got back into jeans a few weeks ago, but the newer ones that look decent but stretch.. Levis. (I had to go up one size though.. dag on it.)

I have been driving for the last 2 weeks. The first time I went out.. I went to JC Penney and I took my grabby stick with me, just in case I needed something I could not reach. People there were so nice. I was out shopping mattresses this weekend,and out today looking for stuff to put on it.. cuz we've gone from Queeen to King now. I only went to two stores.. took forever.. I am worn out, but still was able to do it. Small strides, but independent ones at that! hehehe.

I do have a 3 hour car ride planned for Friday.. as I HAVE to make this trip. My new job in the fall depends on it. So I will let you all know exactly how it goes, including a short pit stop in that town where they have a Krispy Kreme Store (none of that grocery store boxed stuff!). :D

And sleep time.. I average 4-6 hours of bed time. That is about all I can handle. My leg/foot pain really starts chatting up a storm past that and I am forced up and out. So that why you might see my posts so late in the night/early morning.

Well that is all I can think of at the moment.. what about you Bren? How you getting on? Let us know. Happy 6 weeks anniversary Schragie! Tammy :wave: