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Oh !!! I see now . I guess he will just have to put up with the burning and thumping and hope that it will go away.

He is smiling from ear to ear right now . On the way home from therapy he snuck into Bi-Lo food market and bought a dozen cream filled dohnuts and is filling his belly as I type ..hehehe Mmm Mmm Good.

He finished his last day of PT today. Till his Dr. puts him back into PT.
His leg is weak and feet numb but no terrible pain yet.. :confused:

He stopped at YBC (your building center) for his blue prints for the deck. $3,000 for the material. That includes cement screws ect..

Are looking in the City for a building or the outskirts ? I could just imagine how much that could cost..insurance ect..ect.. And could you stand on your feet all day ? Guess you wouldn't have to if you owned it huh ? Well I hope your Lyrica is kickin the pain and have a good day.

Sherri ;)
Hi Sherri. He likes those cream filled donuts .. eh .. not good for the waist .. I did own a bakery long ago and have lost the taiste for baked goods.. laugh..

Building Material is expensive. up here that deck would cost 9 thousand dollars.

We are looking in the city for a building, The insurance can't be any worse than the construction insurance I had to get including workers comp. The million dollar liability insurance wasn't too bad.. about 3500 per year. It looks like I'll be on my feet all day and night too. I been busy planning menu's and making calls to meat suppliers. The wife has been doing graphs and charts seeing how many meals we have to serve to break even. But we have too for a good business plan.

As far as the Lyrica I may be having side affects to it. I'm getting muscle soreness in my calfs as well as in my stomach so I am tapering down some to see if the Lyrica is the problem.

Anyway I'm glad you see that removing the scar tissue will only create more scar tissue. As the above post has also mensioned. For some reason I liked the welding steel analogy.. It seem to fit and hwre you husband was going to be a welder I figured he may understand .. Nomore PT eh .. does this mean he graduated and gets a diploma suitable for framing?

Stay well and let me know what the Dr say's.

Hi Joe , Oh yeah he likes his baked goods . The doctor say's he wants to use this sleeve to go over the dura to protect against scar tissue , he said it was just approved by the FDA so he's thinking about it.

It's hard to get another opinion when no other surgeons will see him around here.

Muscle reaction from Lyrica huh ? His PM doctor just put him on 75mg twice a day..

I hope you got your building . Man I could only imagine how much work your gonna have to put into running a buisness . I'm glad everything is working out for you.

Hey hey, Believe it or not I use to own a bakery, I got tired of being a carpenter and bought a bakery thinking it would be easier than what I was doing.. laugh .. It was more work than being a carpenter..

Interesting that plastic sleeve thingy, I have no idea how that works, do you? As far as a second opinion living in the big city has it advantages.

I tappered back on the Lyrica, back to 75mg twice a day and will slowly work up to 3 a day. I was getting muscle soreness in my stomach and both calfs were sore from standing, perhaps I felt better and was walking more and getting more excersize than I have in the past.

We looked at the building, 3 store fronts, a total of 4500 sq' of retail space on 9000 sq' of land right where we wanted it. BUT, at 1.9m you read that right 1.9 million. each tenant is paying 3 grand a month so the income alone is 18,000. per month or 108,000. per year. I think we are going to keep looking for awhile. I'm waiting for a loan officer to call and if the rents don't cover the mortagage it's a no deal. Food business is rough, the margins are small and have to be closely watched. We are still in the process of doing a business plan and writting menu's .. took yesterday off and started installing a hardwood floor in the living room. I'm feeling it today but the wife has the whip going, her daughter is moving in the end of the month and she'd like to get it done and I won't hire anyone because I'm too anal about the quality of craftsmanship. When it's done I'll send you a pic. BTW my wifes name is Wendy and when she comes home from work and I'm talking to the neighbors kids who are 3 and 5 years old I say to them, "Oh ohh Wendy the whip is home" she knows this and we laugh about it .. I say when she craks the whip I better get moving or else.. lol ..My wife does laugh at it because it's not true .. I crack my won whip and pay for it later .. Let me know what the sleeve is and be well .. BTW my step daughter will be here for a few months and then moving to Pa. in august or something.. Oh well.. I jsut have to put up with her for a few months and then she's all yours .. lol