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Thanks all for writng and Angel what did the nerve testin g show and what kind of medicine did they put you on for the fibromyalgia? and what kind of tests did you get I would like to know further about your pain and thanks all for your input. I had a terrible nite again, the vicodin,flecxeril and lyrica dont do nothing for my leg or my arms, neck and shoulders. Its a mess to live like this anymore but I wont give up and hopefully they put the puzzle together soon, I have been thru so many exrays mris its not funny and now I wonder about all this radiation from all these exrays.

Hey Angel what kind of tests where they that you had for the pain. I have tried elavil many years ago and prozac is no good for pain issues. I hear you about stress but pain alone can put you in the stress mode. I am worse at nite, the pain wakes me up and I can not move, the bones feel like they are on fire, its really bad, and I take vicodin and flexeril they do nothing for this relentless pain. They tried me on lyrica and neurontin and believe it or not my nite pains got worse so they took me off of that. My pulmo doctor said the neurontin makes your nerves swell, have you ever heard of that before? I am hoping to take some anti inflammatory but they said no because it will mess with the fusion have you ever heard of that one? So do you feel better now and what did they do for your pain in arms and wrists too. The body is just going thru too much right now/.......lol...hope to find out soon what can help it besides pills, pills, pills. write again and thank you

love msmona