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Guess we posted at the same time, Susie, so I'll copy my post here. Let's use this one.

Sorry we upset the moderator- geez a girl can't have any fun!! Just kidding.

So, I have some news on the tailbone pain. My fusion looks great-no problems there. Should be about 90% fused-whoopee!! Problem seems to be inflammation of the tailbone, reason being too much stress, sitting, etc. They put me on a pack of prednisone & switched from XST to ibuprofen. Seems to be making a difference. Still taking the lyrica, too. I have more energy, too, since I'm not in constant pain. It was becoming impossible to do my stretches because everything aggravated it. So I'm just walking more & trying not to do anything stupid. Wish me luck on that!

7 miles Susie!! That's incredible. Thank goodness our weather has settled down. That rain was really getting to me. Oakie, hang in there. I think we're all going to turn the corner here. I'm trying to psyche myself up-if I don't who will?