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Hi all!!! :wave: I'm still here! Just so busy!!:dizzy:

Carol, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip & so well needed stress relief. I pray your CT scan goes well & you get some answers. We all know frustrating all of this can be.

Susie, how you are staying dry & safe. Pray the baby comes soon!! How exciting!! I love babies!!!! My favorite age it birth to about 18 months. After they start walking & talking they become such a handful & stubborn!! Can you tell I have a 3 year old!! :dizzy: Then around age 4 to 5 they become more manageable. None the less children are true blessings!!
What you were describing with the nerve/muscle in your thigh sounds so familiar. When I get behind on my Lyrica dose my really acts up. Do you take muscle relaxers? Flexeril helps the twitching in mine. But I pretty much always have a dull ache in the thigh.

Okie46, snakes & bears?!?!?! I would be terrified!! But it must also be pretty neat & amazing. BE CAREFUL!!

This past weekend was REALLY bad for me!! :eek: I was one of the worst I've had in a month or two. I finally broke down & heavily medicated myself & my husband forced me to rest. I was down pretty much all weekend. Although lying around so much made my back feel stiffer & actually more sore, but Monday morning I felt GREAT!!!:D I guess my body was telling me to rest. Needless to say this week has been pretty good, so far. My neck is a lot better & my tailbone feels pretty good. FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!! I needed a good week so bad!! I was starting to get depressed, AGAIN! But I'm also prepared that it may not last. It's the constant UPS & DOWNS that get to you. Just when you think your getting better, it all comes back or something new shows up. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.

I had my appointment yesterday. Dr. said the cysts are not the problem & the biggest one had already burst. This is common I guess. So, it's back to the drawing board. I'm really getting frustrated. He thinks it's probably my spine-well that's what I've been wondering all along. Doctors.....

I'm so tempted to visit the chiro, but afraid of undoing the fusion or making things worse. I get a cracking noise in my tailbone in the morning when I do my excercises. Not every morning, but often.

Hubby wants me to quit my job, he feels I'm spending too much time at the computer. He's probably right, those days are pretty rough.I do have other options, but it will take a while to generate income. People are showing an interest in my watercolors lately, so that's encouraging.

I'm doubling up on my dose of lyrica to see if that helps. Ya know it didn't work before, but who knows. And, I'm getting back into my walking routine. I stopped since I thought it was not helping & I don't have enough time, or maybe I just got lazy.;) Sorry this is so long. whoever replies should start a new thread. More later