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As far as side effects of your meds go the Relafan it is an anti-imflamatory. The biggest problem with them is that they can cause stomache ulcurs or pain. If it doesn't work there's also Celebrex and Mobic. I found Mobic to be the most effective.

As far as the Nuerotin goes there are quite a few side effects, some report weight gain, tiredness, fogginess, constipation, dry mouth, and headaches. The side effects of course vary from person to person. The biggest complaint I have seen has been weight gain and sleepyness. Folks seem to be switching to Lyrica a lot lately and report less side effects and even weight loss.

Aquatic exercises would also be good for you in addition to what others suggest. It is non weight bearing so it should not cause you pain in any of your joints or back and it's a great way to loose weight as well.