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Hi Liz, I had my last micro d on Jan of 04 and still have nerve pain. My Dr put me on Lyrica for the nerve pain and it seems to be helping some. I still have the hip pain and some groin pain and the bouts with nerve pain aren't as bad as they have been..

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Hi Joe , when my husband awoke from surgery his left foot was on fire, I couldn't touch it cause it burnt so bad. I think when they get in there digging around moving nerves your gonna have pain , but I don't know why it would stay unless they were bruised or cut or scar pressure. My husband DON'T want to live on Lyrica or any other Meds for pain , he said Beer helps better with the pain.. :eek: I'm sure down the road taking Meds for so long has to do somthing to the body right ???
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Sherri :D
I was told it could take up to 3 years for the nerves to heal after being moved around during surgery, or after decompression. there are lots of meds that work on nerve pain but narcotics don't really touch it. topamax, neurontin, lyrica, etc. - topamax worked for me the best until we determined I need surgery again.