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I just got the results back from my MRI of my thoracic spine and the diagnosis is degenerative disc disease. The same with my cervical spine. These are the areas that I have the most symptoms from. I seen my Physiatrist yesterday and we decided to give me a couple trigger point injections. When he started he kept going. He could not believe my back was in such bad shape with the muslce spasms and tightness and swelling in my thoracic and cervical area. I guess all along this has been causing me to have all this burning pain, numbness and tingling in my head and burning in my back, chest, and arms. He said the swelling is so bad that when I lay down at night to sleep there is no room for anything and it is pushing and irratating all my nerves in that area. I hope these injections help. I had over 20 of them. He said last night I might be worse (and I was a bit worse) but it should start helping after that. I will be getting a lot of Physical Therapy. I am on Motrin, Lyrica (nerve pain med) and Skelaxin (muslce relaxer). I am getting an EMG on July 11. I have to wait that long because he only wants this certain doctor to do it cause he feels he is the best. Well anyone out there had any similar problems or treatments. I sure would love to hear from you.

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Sorry I just responded but I was on vacation. The injections helped me a bit, but not as much as I thought they would. My Dr. said that the physical therapy will help the most along with my meds. (muscle relaxer, Lyrica (for nerve pain) and Motrin). I will start my therapy on Monday July 10. I am looking forward to it since the doc feels it will help me the most. I will let you know what happens. Thanks for the reply,