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Sorry it took a bit,it started about 2 months ago- about a year and four months after my L5 low back injury, but it's almost like it was always there, right after the accident? wierd. I had always had legaches and was using 3600mgs of neurontin daily. I was figurin on workin with a lot of pills in me, then this happened.today is Tuesday and I go in again on Thursday, and then 7 days after that again. The doc never did say what he was using, jus that it was a block. I have just tried LYRICA 75mgs, but it did nothing at all, and the leg ache was huge. I have everything described for RSD except the awful pain where it is red. My shin is almost all red,sometimes shiney, sometimes very swollen. and all the way around and down to my toes, for me it feels like a bad sunburn and the skin is hot, and about half as bad on the other leg. I definately will post, maybe even do a new thread on the outcome.