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anybody got any ideas, i have had lower back pain now for about 2 years, have had a couple of MRI's the last one bein in January. It just showed a small disc bulge at l4/l5. Now my pain is getting worse, i have numbness on the outside of both thighs, when sitting my feet also go numb, and all my genitil area/left buttock goes numb also whilst sitting.

I also have problems passing urine, it is very difficult to get started, almost like being constipated but just the wrong end. Once started it isnt painful, but to get started i have to strain alot which makes my back pain worse.

I have also had a steroid epidural and a selective nerve root block all these did was give me a couple of days where the pain wasnt as bad, but then it got worse until eventually it eased off to the same level as before the injections. Any help/advice would be much appreciated as its getting really depressing now.

Forgot to add i am taking the following medication, could these be any way making things worse?? 75mg Fentanyl Patches, 600mg lyrica, 75 mg Amitriptlyne and Co-Codomal four times a day

Many thanks in advance