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Is anyone taking Lyrica? Is it working for you? Do you have any side effects. My doctor prescribed it after a relapse 6 weeks after a microscopic lumbar laminectomy. He wants a third opinion on my newest MRI (radiologist says it's scar tissue, doctor thinks it's a reherniation) and is hoping it'll relieve my pain and maybe not have to do a fusion. So far it has made the tips of my fingers & toes numb and my mouth very dry.
I am very sensitive or allergic to that strand of nerve medication. I tried Neurontin and Lyrica. One Lyrica tablet and my whole body swelled up. They Neurontin.. took 4 pills and could barely get out of bed and swollen as well.

They can give you all sorts of side effects.. and so long as they aren't on the seriously listed ones or are not bothersome to you.. you should be fine taking it. And some less side effects diminish when taking them for a period of time.

Good luck with the medication I hope it helps you. Tammy:wave:
Well I took the full dose of the LYRICA this morning and I was staggering and felt very anxious. Needless to say that's the last time I'm taking it.
Hey Technomom,

Hmm.. why are you taking Lyrica?? are you having nerve pain in your legs/feet?

And if so.. maybe you should try taking it only at night before bedtime so that most of that type of effect is worn off through sleep. I know of some that only take it at night so they can function better during the day. Just a thought.

Unfortunately, I am living with the nerve pain, which most of the time is not bad, but if I am swollen (edema issues post surgery) it makes it alot worse. And I do not want to do the anti-depressant drugs if I can help it. I have to have a sharp mind to do my job. Kind of a crappy trade off, but so far.. I am dealing.

Let me know how things are going.. Hang in there. Tammy:wave:
I took 75 mg at night for the first 3 days. That caused my fingertips and toe tips to go numb. When I added 75 mg in the morning., that's when I felt awful. I guess I left out one symptom, It made it hard to breathe and I needed my asthma inhaler
Actually the doctor put my on the Lyrica to avoid fusion surgery at L3-4. I had a Lamindectomy (the cleaned out the portion of the disk that had herniated) and a bone spur removed. I was progressing great after the surgery, until I went back to teaching after 6 weeks. I am waiting for a third opinion on my my MRI. The radiologist says it's scar tissue, the doctor says it's a reherination of the disk, so he's sending the MRI films to a Neurological Radiologist for the tie breaking opinion. So, I think he put me on it in case it's the scar tissue. .