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I know EXACTLY what you feel. I am 10 weeks fusion L4/L5 and i have intermittent swelling as well. First started two weeks after surgery. They gave me prednisone to help 1st. Then tried me on nerve meds which made me 10x worse and the Neurontin added to that.. had horrible pains and weakness could barely move. The Lyrica.. took 1 tablet.. and I swelled up very very badly. So no nervemeds at all for me. I have to live with it or try anti-depressants.. which I choose not to do at this time. I dont want to say "never" cuz I may get so bad.. I have no choice. But for now.. I am dealing.

Well I over did this weekend doing some home DIY work at our other home preparing it for sale.. and I took more than my normal amount of drugs for the extra pain I was in. and I am now.. so swollen all over, but really bad from knees down. I will have to wear my flip flops to work tomorrow cuz those are the only things that i can wear, or my fuzzy slippers. hehehe.

It's driving me nuts too! It is very frustrating and I am doing what I can and if staying in bed all day.. makes my back ache, and I have things to do.. so I am not helping myself any by being on my feet all day.. but I am doing my best.

Hang in there.. this will hopefully be temporary for us and it will subside shortly. I am leaning on that for now.

The car ride will NOT harm your fusion. It will only make you hurt. I had a long car ride a few weeks back for a new upcoming job processing and I did alright. Just take your breaks as you feel you need them. If you can go more than 45.. do so, but if you need to stop sooner do so. When you are away, you might have to kick back at the pool or in the hotel room for the day and let your hubby take the kids. You are still there having fun with them and enjoying the vacation with known limitations. Dont overdo it too much.. you just had major surgery and you are doing quite well so far.

This boardforum is great for us to bounce off one another when needed like this! Who better to understand us than US!

Take care. I have to work ALL DAY tomorrow with these legs and feet like this. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow nite. Nite! Tammy:wave: