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Hi guys. The heat has been awful here as I don't have central air. Oakie, I don;t know how you do it. We've been living in the basement or at the pool. Last night the electric went out for a short time. Today I heard they're having planned outages in Ohio to check for overloading.

Susie, glad to hear you're getting back into the swing of things. 22 minutes is awesome. I would like to try biking again with the kids-I miss it.

Ok, don't think I'm wigging out here. On several friends recommendation, I've started reading a book called "Healing Back Pain-The Mind Body Connection" by John Sarno. They claim they were better or pain free after reading the book. I've just about finished it & it really makes sense to me. I think my pain-free moments have increased, if that counts. So much that I cancelled the second injection. I'm continuing with my Lyrica, but maybe someday I won't need it. I really think you guys would benefit from reading this book. I found it for $10 on the net.

Believe me, I will try anything to get past this back pain. It's been an intersting couple of months. I really thought my surgeon didn't know what to do with me & after reading the book I'm sure of it.

Ok, I'm rambling. Let's see what you all come up with after you read it.

Morning All,
My bad weather is back, humid and hot, couldn't walk but 1 mile this morning, back is really bad when humid and muscle spasms bad as well. Carol;) Hope you are doing OK,, after the phone call in Jan it was 4 months later not hearing anything, I was set up for appt in June, you HAD to go for evaluation. Didn't hear anything until week before last. The End...Hope you are doing OK not working now, is your back doing alright on the LYRICA. I see my surgeon this Fri mainly for consult on previous surgery already done, have questions, see what he says about the return of the back pain probably just more DDD problems. Hope everyone has a pain free day....Tomorrow:cool:

I bet the majority of your pain as of late is from the sress of dealing on your property. Just a guess. I notice when the kids are fighting my back is usually pretty bad. If the valium didn't wipe me out I would take that. I'm taking the lyrica, but hoping to go back to 2 a day real soon. Yes, it is getting better. I was out shopping for school yesterday & didn't have to take a vicodin when I got home.:blob_fire That's huge for me.Thanks for the SS info-I will pass that along. I can't decide if he really has a problem or just wants to quit working.He says his big toe is numb. I wish that's all I had wrong. He's always been the whiner. I'm awful, but it's true. He hasn't lifted a finger to get anything out of my parents house yet. He doesn't even watch the baby, they have a sitter. And, he's usually not up until 11:00 am. Ok enough already, but you get the picture? Inheritances do strange things to people & I'm in the middle of 2 of them.

Oakie, I really hope the surgeon is helpful this time. Don't let him blow you off.

Susie, hope you're having a great time.