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Neurontin/Gabapentin is an anti-seizure drug, which is often used in the off-label way to help with nerve pain. It helps lots of people, but as with any medication, you should be aware of what the side effects can be, so that if they happen, you can let your doctor know.

You may have read my post concerning the severe reaction that my mother had to the medication. That is an extreme reaction, but happened none the less. I recommend that people not only read the papers that come with medications when scripts are filled, but I think the $10 investment into a paperback issue of the pill book is wise. PDR's are expensive, but you can use the web. The pill book is layman language and provides lots of other info. I like to check things out there BEFORE getting prescriptions filled. However, the fact that Neurontin and Lyrica both tend to have calcium bind to it is obscure info and I found it only on an old warning on the web. This would not be a problem for many, but for older individuals or anemic individuals it is critical info.

While one person may have an extreme reaction to this medication, it does not mean that anyone else will do so. Don't let another persons reaction keep you from trying a medication that the doctor prescribes for you. After all, the percentage of people who experience reactions to any medication is still extremely low.