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Hi , just wanted to let everyone know I'm home from surgery , so far I'm ok , just a little sore and numbness in my foot , my doctor couldn't remove my hardware because it wasn't fused , so he added more bone and protein to help it along , he removed alot of scar tissue and placed the dura sleeve around my dura . He is worried I am going to have problems with my left leg because the scar tissue was pretty bad on the nerve to my leg and he did alot of cutting , he did say he wasn't sure how my outcome would be , just cross my fingers for the best..I will let everyone know how the sleeve works out .
I hope it works out just not for me , but for everyone with scar problems down the road , right now I'm on celebrex and lyrica and percocets .
I won't be on here for a couple days, climbing my stairs takes alot out of me .
Thanks for all your help and prayers.