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First off I can't dance he deferred my sports physical right now.:nono:
Next I asked what my irregularity is and he said I had cartilage in-between T10 and 11 and it was formed weird like it wasn’t straight across or something like that and there is nothing we will do to help it.
I told him about my numbness, tingling and then when I got feeling back pain in my legs and he doesn’t think it is from my injury.

He thinks it could be MS (Multiple Sclerosis):eek: however you spell it.

Anyway I have more tests...:rolleyes:

I had my blood drawn for the thousandth time
I have an MRI of my lumbar and brain Saturday. Which I have had many of my back.
And if anything shows a spinal tap for the fifth time (I hope he puts me to sleep again)
And if that shows anything then I get shoved to another dr. for treatment.

Well I asked him about my meds because I have gotten immune to them and he put me on this pill called [COLOR="Plum"]LYRICA 75mg twice a day. Anyone know anything about this??? He said that it was mostly for nerves but yea I defiantly feel "high" when I take it. (I have only taken it 3 times.:D but he did say i have to have someone with me at all times just incase i fall.:confused: I don't know what that is about but ok?? And really the only exercise I can do is in the swimming pool?

By the way thank you [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]WEBDUDE, [COLOR="Magenta"]JUSTONEOFUS (Tammy), and [COLOR="Lime"]BAYBREEZE for all of the suggestions. Please keep them coming. I will try to keep you posted if my meds allow me to...I'm kind of out of it...

OH! I almost forgot does anyone know who does custom fit insoles that are not an arm and a leg?? He told me to get some.

Thanks, Becca:angel:
Yes, I took Lyrica for 6 week and it was really helping, but, I got up one morning and my eyesight was very bad, almost blind.

I had an allergic reaction to Lyrica. I am very dissappointed since I have chronic pain and was hoping to get off some of the pain killers.

Good Luck To You