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Did anyone take lyrica for sciatic pain or back pain from herniated disc? Did it help? Any side effects? Thanks for any response:wave:
I'm just starting Lyrica 75 mg tonight for chronic pain syndrome. I have constant pain from polyradiculopathy, sciatica, and a herniated disk from a year ago which still stings & burns. Ive read good and bad things about Lyrica, but since it works differently for most people Ive decided to take my chances to help with this pain in my back, legs, hips, neck and feet. I'll let you know how it works for me.
I take Lyrica 100mg 3 times a day, I never gave it a chance before , it took me a couple days before I found relief , I wasn't even sure it was working until I stopped taking it for 2 days , I have bad pain down my buttox and down my legs and feet . I just picked up another bottle of 100 last night $187.63 but I didn't pay a dime , workers comp did , I feel bad for people who doesn't have insurance to pay for it . It works great.