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Was playing catch football with my daughter and her boyfriend , I tried to pass deep while standing on my deck and I got this pain across my back that hurt so bad , I was up all night again and now I'm out of percocets . This morning I have a swelled area around the left side where they cut me. I hope I didn't do anything to my fusion ,what was I thinking ? I do the stupidest things. Maybe its just swelled muscle or somthing..

The pain isn't as bad but the numbness is stronger in my feet and legs with a thumpin feeling. I take Lyrica and it helps with the nerve pain. I see my doctor next week.

Has anyone ever done somthing as dumb as me ? Seem like I do somthing I'm not supposed to alot without thinking.:rolleyes:
Zero , without my pain meds I have alot of pain , I know doctors don't like giving them out , but you know I went through alot over 3 years and finally they gave me some pain meds , but I'm not sure if they will continue to give them to me very much longer. My pain management Dr. would not give me any because he said it was nerve pain . I said so what am I supposed to about the pain ? He said give the Lyrica time to work . I almost broke down and cried because my pain was driving me insane. I told my surgeon about it and he said why didn't you ask me ...I fired my PM Dr. and found another one closer who is known to give pain meds without any problems , it's either pain meds or live with pain.