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Hi Folks it's been while I hope all are doing better. The wife and I went on vacation in Montreal Canada and I was walking up to 3 hours with no or little pain.. The lyrica was working well and I was going to return to work after our vacation. We got home and had to make a trip to Lowes, I was merging onto traffic and had to slow down and we were rearened at 25mph. We both felt fine at the time but after exchangong papers and all the wife and I drove away.. almost at the same time we both experienced headaches. We called our Dr and they gave us some vicodne. My wife is going better except for headaches. I am doing poorly, I am having cluster headaches, I have facial pain over my right eye and into the forehead I can't touch area with anything includng ice or heat. I wake up because my face rubs in the pillow and it's very painful. Yes, there is more. I had my last surgery on my l4-l5 micro d on Jan 9th of 04. Now since the accident I have so much nerve pain the lyrica is no longer helping. My Chiropractor told me It looks like the pain is comming from the l5- s1. He is having a meeting with my Dr to advice I get another MRI wich is good because before the accident I recently had an MRI of the lower back done. That bloody piriformis muscle is giving me trouble. I am always in pain now. I have the Dr's appointment with my PC on monday.. My back surgeon is on vacation until september. I don't want to go back on the heavy meds because I was on them for a long time before my 1st surgery and know what it's like ot be on them and what it's like to be off them and I am glad I am off them. I have only taken 10 5-500 vicodine since june 12th and only because I can only handle the pain ofr so long. I wake up in pain atleast 3 times a night. I am in pain all the time. I been in construction ofr 30 years and can handle alot of pain but this is wearing me down. I guess I just need to vent and to see if everyone was doing better. I hope I am NOT looking at another surgery..