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Gosh, I'm feeling a bit depressed by all these cheery fusion stories. I had a fusion from L2 (what was left of it) to L4 18 months ago, plus laminectomy, and it's been a rough road. They tried to get me up the day after surgery and I crashed right to the floor--no one realized how traumatized my spinal nerves were, plus they'd been compressed for the 15 years since the original injury. Fusion is going well--1 year checkup was good. But I still have huge leg weakness, need the walker to go any distance at all (which the surgeon won't like when he sees me in Dec.), and pretty much live in constant pain, worse than before the surgery, when weakness was the big problem. Yes, there's been a lot of improvement in balance and mobility and I'm glad I had it done, but about the only exercise I can do is in the water. Surgeon wants me to lose weight, and NOTHING is helping with that, so I'm off to an endocinologist soon.

Anyway, I have a huge tolerance for pain, am doing Lyrica for the nerve nonsense (working better than neurtontin), have ALMOST stopped spasming, which is a blessing. But I'm at a 3 while sitting, and spike quickly to a 7 or 8 if I overdo. Ibuprofen and the occ. tylenol w. codeine for pain.

I spent 5 weeks in the hospital after the surgery--lots and lots of rehab for the weakness. But I don't think my case is typical. I knew going in it was a 2-3 year recovery process, so I just keep trucking, doing what I'm supposed to do.