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Hi Folks, Sorry to hear of the pain you have to live with. I am post op laminectomy and micro d. The 1st surgery was Dec 16th of 03 and a redo on Jan 9th of 04. I have been off the meds for over a year now I am still in alot of pain. The hip, piriformis , calf and ankle pain. The Dr finaly put me on Lyrica and I was doing fantastic Until the wife and I were rearended in an auto accident. Before the accident I was walking 3 hours with only having 2 short breaks now I am lucky if I walk to the corner store and back without having to take a break. I will not go back on the pain meds because I've been on them for years before the surgery and I feel mentally better being off of them. I have had 2 spinal steroid injections since the surgery. The dr that did the surgey has moved and I have a new dr that wants to give me another injection in his office but has no xray machne to see where he is placing the shot so that's a no go for me. I have had enough injections <21 or so> before my surgery to know better. I have had an mri before the accident and will ask for another on my next appointment. My 1st Dr said my spine was stable at that time .. for now I just keep taking the Lyrica and live with the pain for now. I hope to be pain free at some point in my life, but after being in pain for so long it is wearing me down. I was a carpenter and use to working hard. I have noticed my muscle mass slowly getting eaten away not only in my legs but my arms and chest as well.. Sorry for the long post .. but I want my old life back!