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Sheri, I didn't develop the tailbone pain until 8 months post-op. I've tried chiro, massage, lyrica, prednisone-which helped immensely until I went off of it. Yesterday my PM doc thought it might just be inflammation so he put me on Indocet. Today I feel like a new woman. I actually had a BM without pain. I can't believe what a difference it made. You could try a higher dose of ibuprofen for the time being, just make sure you eat with it.

I had to get rather blunt with the PM doc. I said "Maybe we have a communication problem here, because my pain isn't where the fusion was done, it's in my tailbone!" At that point he said he understood my frustration because it isn't obvious what the problem is. This is the same guy who when I said I didn't like how the lyrica made me feel answered back "well, apparently a lot of people do because that's what everyone is asking for". You know, I read someone else's post about not looking too good when you go to the PM doc or they think you're doing well. I didn't put my makeup on & I let him know that I had a horribly painful weekend & my family nearly divorced me over Labor Day. Hey whatever it takes. I've been screwing around with this since June. I'm ready to go to my kids soccer game & look forward to being there instead of dreading the pain that will come later. Sorry to ramble but maybe this will help someone else.

Sheri, let us know how you're doing.