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:( I had a discectomy on 8/3/05 on L5-S1. I was pain free for about a week and then the leg pain started gradually and has gotten worse than before surgery. I had an MRI 6 weeks after surgery which showed "epidural scar tissue encasing the left S1 root sleeve". In June, I had a myelogram which did not show anything. I have had 3 epiduural injections, an SI joint injection and another round of PT. No relief fron anything. I still have the back, butt, leg, and foot pain on the left side which is now beginning on the right. I now started to have numbness and tingling down both legs. The back pain has gotten worse. I just came back from an appointment from my original surgeon, who is a spine specialist. He said there really is nothing else to do at this point. He does not recommend another surgery. He said the pain is probably from the scar tissue wrapped around the S1 root which still may improve up to two years after surgery or it can be permanently inflamed!! So he suggests to continue the pain meds and see what happens. Has anyone improved after the one year mark - which I was originally told is the pivot point as to whether the pain would go away? When I came home, I just wanted to cry. I do not want to be taking all these meds for the rest of my life - Ibupofen, Vicoden ES, and Lyrica. Has anyone heard of a permanently inflamed nerve?!! or has anyone improved after a year?