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Actually the later in life the fusion is done the better because there is less time left for the adjacent levels to degenerated. Also did you know that a lot of "failed back syndromes" can be the result of arachnoiditis. This is not something that your surgeon is likely to tell you.

One more reason to avoid surgeries if at all possible. My fusion recovery was very difficult, lost too much blood, raging fever and was unable to walk because of nerve pain for over 3 months. It took a full year for the leg pain and severe back spasm to finally settle down.

That was 24 years ago and I only had 5 good years and I was back to the leg pain again. Now the neurologist I am seeing thinks I have arachnoiditis. Hopefully that is not the case as it can be a dreadful disease. Just to tell you that some of us do not have an easy time of it and our recovery can be lengthy. Of course the surgical technique they used at the time of my surgery is different. But I have a very solid fusion so it was never a case of failed fusion.

My major problem now is with diagnosis being made very difficult because of the screws in my back. They are not like the newer titanium ones that are the old surgical steel and Ct scans and MRI's don't like them.

I would recommend that you get your self some medication like Lyrica which is 6 times more potent than Neurontin. My neurologist is switching me to it at the present time. It should help with leg and foot pain. The only thing is with this type of medication you are very sleepy until your system gets use to it.