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My Lyrica was increased from 75mg x2 daily to 150 x2 daily. I have not experienced any side effects whatsoever to date. It is helping with pain but is not doing away with it completely. Still awaiting MRI report. Had EMG and found it was not as painful as I had anticipated. The only area that was a little uncomfortable was the groin area other than that it went well. The EMG did not show anything remarkable and so I am still in the dark.

Getting a little discouraged, waited so long for specialist appointments and results are so slow in coming. For instance went to see specialist in May, MRI was ordered and had to wait till August to have it done. Next week I will get the results. A bit much isn't it. It took me 8 months to even get in to see the ortho. Of course during this time my symptoms have changed.

So here I am walking with a cane unable to climb stairs with pain running down the front of my leg and still no answers after two years of waiting patiently to get better. In the past 24 years since my fusion I always had sessions of sciatica but they would resolve over a period of a couple of months. Two years ago something happened that was different. The pain came on quickly and severe down the front of my leg. I was unable to stand any pressure on my leg at all. Straight leg raise normal. L3-L4 is the suspected level as it is degenerated and is directly over my fusions. There is a pocket of gas showing on that level but other than that my ct was very difficult to read because of screws. I have no loss of sensation only pain.

When my pain moved to my right leg with another acute back attack the pain disappeared out of my left leg. As the right leg got better the pain was back in my left leg again. I have no pain on bending forward or back. Pain was always worse when lying down on my side although has eased off with the Lyrica. Neurologist listened to me this visit and he also thinks that there is something moving in my spine. He needs to see the MRI. I just pray that the MRI is clearer than the ct scan.

I am really getting discouraged this morning but I know that it is only a phase that I will get through. The lack of EMG conclusive results kinda set me back. Well two crying bouts over two years isn't too bad of a record. I think maybe I need to do it more often but I do try not to focus on my problems. Thanks for listening as I just needed to express myself in an anonymous way.
Hi Pooby. Since you are tolerating the lyrica well, the increase should help you alot. Mamakitkat.. she takes 2400mg's a day I think it is. So you are still on low dose and just know it can be increased more if you need it.

After going through a test and getting no results is quite discouraging indeed. I dont blame you at all for being down about it. But..it's comforting that your doctor is working to discover the source of your pain. That is something to be happy about.

Hang in there, keep ur meds going and hopefully the MRI will show the doc what he is looking for.

All the best to you. Tammy:wave:
Pooby.. you are right.. she is taking Neurontin.. Sorry for the misinformation on that. I had the serious adverse reactions to both and the Lyrica only took one tablet to give me serious effects, where Neurontin took 4 days to get really bad.

It's a miracle drug for many and glad it's working for you so far.