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HI GG. I dont think you are that overweight. And FYI, 115 is not ideal weight for a 55 year old female at 5'2". Normal to high I think is 135 - 148 I think it was. But 115.. that is the bottom of the twiggy look. I know.. Im 5'2" myself and everyone said I looked like a stick. I had no body fat from working out everyday, but I was still too lean. Im 44. I am not that stick anymore though. I am now a whopping 144 as the scale said this morn! I've gone from 115 to this in 3 years. I should have eaten better, as I know proper eating and am also sensitive and allergic to just about everything on the planet, but I eat it anyway! Well, I've not beaten myself up too much about it, as I have been watchful but just not careful enough. Now I can exercise some and really have no excuse to not be more diligent about it all. It's a mind set and most of us all have this problem. So dont beat yourself up too much.

Your pain in your back could be your arthritis, disc(s) issue(s) to include DDD. If your discs are beginning to degenerate, they emit a chemical in doing so that floats around there and really irritates the nerves that causes pain. Many people have DDD at somepoint, but just get a back ache and not much more. Then some it's very painful. Unfortunately.. the remedies offered for this is only meds, injections and therapy. If the discs are in tact and just hardening, surgery is usually not an option for pain relief, until or unless the DDD has caused other issues to happen to the disc, such as tear or collapse, bulge out, or herniate. Then depending on the severity.. then surgical options may be offered then.

I suggest you get some new meds for your RLS.. such as Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax, etc. These are offer good results for leg pain and might help you better than the T3 does. the T3 is probably helping more of the back pain then anything? Have you had an MRI and recently? Hopefully your doctor will order one to see if anything is visible with your discs. DDD can show up on MRI. But it's not always the best in detecting all issues. My l4/l5 disc was showing signs of DDD but looked good on MRI. But doing a discogram proved the disc to be badly torn and leaking on on the verge of collapse. I am now fused there last April.

You could probably benefit greatly from other meds, injections, and some good rehab therapy/exercising. Sitting around and less movement makes things worse, and moving causes pain. So you need some meds to ease your pain, so you can stretch and exercise to ease your pain. You should take meds before exercise, get on a heat pad of sorts and then do some properly learned exercises to minimize risk of injury or more pain. Exercise is supposed to make you sore and sometime flare you up for learning the limits and such, but is not supposed to produce great pain of any kind. So I suggest a good medical rehab therapist to help you out some for awhile.

Hang in there and let us know how you are doing. Take care. Tammy:wave: