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I was wondering is I needed to stop my pain meds he did not tell me not to take them... I guess I need to call them tomorrow to find out. I am having my lower back checked, but have had problems with a lot of nerve pain. I take Lyrica for that, percocet and oxycoltin for pain. I turned my head the other day and it felt like a lighting bolt went all the way down my spine! I have had pain right between my shoulders as well. Let me know how your test goes. Do you use a spine doctor or other? Mine specializes in the spine.
I do not know what my doc has in mind I will know more about that on Friday as well. My biggest problem has been lower back and down into my right leg. I have been lucky as I am not bed ridden, I am able to work, some days I don't feel like I will make it thru the day but I do. I am currently taking Lyrica, for nerve pain, oxycoltin, for pain and percocet for pain. I also take an antidepressant, because it's just so hard to deal with all of the pain all of the time. I take sleeping pills to sleep too....