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Hi !!
Sorry I did not explain my history here is the short version:)
Doctors are unsure of what happened, except that it is possibly an inherited degenerative thing.:confused:
I have an extra vertabra in my L-spine, which caused severe compression, arthritis of the facet joints and instability resulting in three surgeries in about a year and a half on L4-5, 5-6, 6-SI. Not sure on the level thing - three? Anyway, had rods & cages, screws.
I had my facets cut on L2-S1. Nerve compression yes. I was taking Neurontin for several years, then the amount I had to take seemed alot, so I was switched to Lyrica (sp?) about a year or so ago. This has been working good. Again, up until recently.
I have been dealing with the neuropathic leg pain the whole time, hence the Neurontin & Lyrica, however, it has gotten so much worse. I have been hoping it would settle down - darn it!! :(
I will keep praying.