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I just feel that I need to write about my experience. I don't know why but maybe it will make me feel better. In my other posts I wrote how I was taken off of Lyrica and all the pain came back. The nurse could not get in touch with the doctor because he was in surgery Friday and by then I was in severe pain. I thought I could wait. I also wrote about my breakdown Friday and mother had to come over which helped a great deal. My bf came over this weekend but by that point without my nerve pain meds I was in severe pain. However, I was determined to get out of the house because I felt cooped up and felt like I was going to go crazy if I didn't get out of the house. Well, we went to eat and to Lowe's and by the time I got out of Lowe's I was crying so hard because I was hurting. But I wouldn't let him take me home. I went to BaMM to get a book and sat down while he finished shopping (I took my meds after Lowe's). The I MADE him take me to Target to get warm clothing, which they do not have, so that I can walk outside to hopefully not feel so cooped up. By Sunday, I was in so much pain I cried all day and he didn't feel good and needless to say we just could not get in sync with each other. I finally called the doc on call and turns out he is my doc's PA and called in the Lyrica for me. Last night after my bf left although it wasn't a great weekend I felt so alone and scared. It was feelings that I have never had before. I felt like the pain was taking over my life and I couldn't control it and no one could help me. I felt like I needed someone to be here with me just to make sure that I would be okay. I know that is completely crazy but it scared the hell out of me. I finally fell asleep watching Reba and slept great. Now, I'm going through the loopy, can't walk straight stages of the Lyrica. My checkup is on Wed. and he will tell me if I can go back to work or not. If not I'm gonna stay with my mom for a while. Cats can only provide so much company (lol). Anyway, I feel a lot better mentally, emotionally, and physically today. I just wanted to write about what happened. Maybe if anyone else goes through this you will know you are not alone. Thanks for reading it. :angel:
I'm sorry you are going through all this....it's hard being alone...and isolated. Sometimes I want to be taken care of to when its bad, I think that's normal. I hope the lyrica starts helping soon. I am here to talk as i am always home alone to atleast during the day. It's funny even though my teenagers are off doing there own thing when home, i still feel better just not being alone. If I want to talk to someone they are here.

I hope you get to feeling better soon, its hard to with the cold weather and being even isolated from going outside. One day at a time right? It's gonna get better.
There is nothing to say sorry about to any of us OllieDoll. We understand EXACTLY how you are feeling. We have all been there at some point or another ourselves, including me. This is what I effectionately call a "pity party" and WE ARE ALL ENTITLED to them, and it's healthy if you ask me. It's our moment to let out some of what we hold in most of the time. No one understand this who hasn't had chronic pain before. WE understand you perfectly.

It sounds like your BF is doing everything he can to support you through this difficult time. That's good for the both of you. It's a trying to time for not only you, but for all your loved ones around you. They can't take away your pain, and it's hard for them to see you hurt and not help. It's a tough time for everyone.

I am glad you got back on the Lyrica. It obviously was helping you, and it might also been a trigger to an extra dip of depression by stopping it suddenly. Hopefully it will kick back in, and you will level off, and start feeling better on all counts.

How do you feel? Do YOU think you are ready to go back to work? That's a real important question to ask yourself, and one your doctor should be asking of you also. If you aren't ready.. you need to tell him you aren't. If you are.. same deal.. communicate that to him/her.

Its good to hear you had a better day today and I hope that continues on. Hang in there. Tammy:wave:
I've probably told you this before but in December I hit a real all time low, I had never been so depressed in my life. I think it was because I lost hope, that I was ever going to get better. I just felt like I didn't want to go on, if this is what my life would consist of. I knew I couldnt' give up, its just how i felt. I went to the dr and asked for anti-depressant and finally found a doctor who listened and I feel alot better emotionally. Not depressed anymore, just anxiety now about surgery lol

It's hard being stuck in the house, i use to be around people and dogs everyday and had a life. Now I sit here while everyone else goes out into the world, and feel useless and bad for our financial situation. Not wanting to even venture out to see a freind usually because of pain, and that gets us down. The combination of it all.

The other day I forced myself to leave this house, and I did feel better talking to a friend diverting my mind a little. Talking to an outside source and having new subjects to talk about.

I hope the lyrica is helping. And I hope you are feeling better, sorry for the long rambling here, that is my specialty.