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I am five weeks post ALIF L4-L5 lumbar fusion and have been having a lot of trouble with nerve pain...I think. Since 12/20, I have also had a series of three nerve root injections, with some relief. I am, currently, taking Lyrica; and I cannot handle the side effects that go along with that medicine. Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad with cymbalta?

I hope and pray that someday the only people writing on this message board are newly diagnosed with back pain and can get their problems taken care of, quickly.

God bless all of you.:angel:
[QUOTE=yvette777;2799301]The cymbalta has helped me alot. I was really depressed to. My doctor explained it to me like this....when you take a pain medicine like vicodin it effects a part in your brain that is sending pain signals. The cymbalta he said would work right at the spine, where the spine isn't sending the signals to the brain. The nurse told me a few wonderful storys of friends that had been taking it.

My foot and ankle pain had decreased alot the nerve stuff, but still there, however I haven't adjusted the medicine at all. Also I do not feel depressed anymore, so that in itself was a miracle, I had gotten really down.

It made me feel nautisous and weird at first, i ate crackers all the time like someone here suggested and within a couple of weeks...I felt alot better.

Yvette, have you gained any weight or have any swelling from taking the Cymbalta? How is your mental retention, memory, etc? I can't take neurontin or lyrica cuz of the serious side effects to the point of fever, muscle weakness, etc. I have Cymbalta in my cabinet and have contemplated trying it, but have fear of repeat history and also going loopy! I have a job where my mind MUST be sharp! I am a paralegal. I would hate to create a legal doc that would adversely effect our clients, if you know what I mean! That would not go over too well! Egads.. just thinking of that! lol.

Im also back in school and TRYING to retain biochemistry! Ya, I know.. YUCK! My thoughts also, but I need this for my certification I am working toward.

Do you feel like yourself on this medication, but with less pain?