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Hi Emily - As you know I have been dealing with swollen ankles also ( as the nurse said I look puffy ). I was told it was the Lyrica was causing the swelling. So I have been off Lyrica now for 24 hours and I am still swollen, don't think as bad as I was. Has the doc ran any tests on you yet about your swelling? I had to go to my GP for the swelling ( remember I am too young to have swelling from Lyrica, lol ) She did some blood tests and a urine dip just to see if my insides are working correctly. I can understand your frustration with swollen ankles and feet! They hurt! I know just how you feel! Swollen feet stink! ( lol ). Glad you did not get alot of they weather, we got and ice storm and snow! Anyway my boys are having fun playing in the snow! I hope you get to the bottom of the swelling fast! in the mean time keep you feet up as much as possible and drink water. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Take care of you.