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Hey Lisa, my surgery sister indeed!!! How are YOU!!

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No one wants to think about having more surgeries, especially after having had one or two already, but sometimes it's just unavoidable. I hope your MRI shows nothing and it's just a flareup. I am still having back flareups. The last one was a long one -- about three weeks -- and it really upset me. I still can predict bad weather better than meterologists.

Let's hope for good news for you. Tammy --- nice to read a post from you. Hope you're doing okay, surgery sister and that your nerve pain is just a flareup too. When I had three weeks of sciatic pain down my leg I had to wonder where these flareups come from when there are no discs compressing nerves anymore. Any ideas? It boggles my mind! END

From Tammy,

My goodness, NICE to see you post!! I always look for you! MMM.. sorry to see you are having flares as well. I was told to expect them, respect them and move on from them. My last flare has breached that! I saw my surgeon today and he's not sure where it's coming from either. But he didnt go much further than to give me some ideas, cuz I am actually seeing a new surgeon next friday (ONLY because he's a neuro spine fellowed surgeon, that is IN my insurance network. My current surgeon is NOT.) I am solidly fused, so he thinks it's possible it could be L3/4 or L5/S1 not playing nice, but they looked okay on the CT scan he did months back. He said it's possible that maybe the facets are agitated, and also maybe the SI joints are now getting into the click. Not sure yet, but I will be seeing this doc next friday and hopefully we will begin to pin down what the culprit is and start working on it.

Are you still on meds? I am but minimally. I still take the daily vicodin and when flared more and also Skelaxin, usually 1 tab at the end of the day. But tonite, my nerve pain is acting up pretty bad, which is mostly been annoying to this point. So I am "trying" Cymbalta for the 1st time tonite and see if it helps or makes things worse. The Neurontin & Lyrica 2 weeks post surgery, made things much worse. So will let you know if it helps any with nerve pain, back pain, sciatica flare.

I am still better than before the surgery, just having the above and want to get it controlled if possible.

PLEASE give me an update on you!!! So lovely to see you again! Tammy