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I have to say, it sounds like you have a really great doctor. If he is saying that another surgery is a risk, then I would believe him...especially if he keeps say it. Sounds like you are holding up though, that is a very good thing. And with your DR seeing you every 3 weeks, is great. I think also the fact you have had a few surgries already and had a few problems , that would increase the risk durning another surgery. Maybe he just wants you to heal up some more from last one, before going back in again.

Well, how am I doing? I start PT tomorrow actually. I am not looking forward to it. I can barely walk due to the nerve pain in my right leg, hip and buttocks. I started Lyrica about 3 weeks ago for the nerve pain and it is like taking a sugar pill for me..it does nothing. I have also slowly been losing my bladder control as well. When I have to pee...I have to pee NOW. Funny, how for years I was asked if I had bladder issues and I always said no, now after surgery..I can barely hold it to get to bathroom in time. I put a call in to my DR about it on Friday...they never called back. Will try again tomorrow and discuss it with my workers comp case nurse manager. I don't want to be a 30 year old wearing diapers. The cane is bad enuf.

I do have one good thing thou...I am starting to fuse, my doctor saw bone growth on my last visit. So that made me happy.

Will let ya know tomorrow how PT went.

Big Hugs !!!