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GoodMorning to you all , I been trying to get on here since Friday but somthing was up with the database and wouldn't let me in.

I'm doin ok.:confused: it's just since I'm cutting back on my pain meds my back/hip/legs and feet been killing me. I still take my lyrica but it's not helping the same. I had the RS Medical stimulator pluged in all weekend on my back and legs with my hot waterbottle and it helped.

I need to get a hold of my ex-pain Dr. who started me on my meds to help me ween off the pain killers and find somthing that will kill this pain until I get my trial spinalcord stimulator. My ex Dr.'s office is like 200 miles away and it stinks to have to travel that far for help.

Just another day in the neighborhood :) Thanks for asking about me.
I hope to be around for more post if the big guy allows it