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Gabapentin is an excellent medication for nerve pain. You will feel drowsy and dizzy initially but gradually that subsides. As with all drugs some people have an adverse reaction.

I was on gabapentin (Neurontin) for over a year and was up to 1600 mg taken at bedtime. I now am on Lyrica which is just an improved substitution for gabapentin. It is shown to be even more effective for pain relief with less side effects. This class of drugs is the only medication that I have been on that has even touched the pain.

These are not narcotics and are not addictive. Usually they are started on low doses which are then gradually increased till you reach a level that relieves your pain. I would not hesitate to take them. If it is nerve pain that you are having then believe me they can be a miracle drug.
I'm sorry, but I disagree with most of you. Neurontin (gabapentin) was a pain for me. First of all, I ended up on a seafood diet. If I saw it, I ate it. One side-effect that the company won't admit to: your tooth enamel may crack due to the dry-mouth effect. If you choose to use this crap, then make sure you brush at night and drink plenty of water.

Two alternatives you might consider are Topamax or Lyrica.

I was recently prescribed Lyrica for nerve related pain. I took it for 2 days and then read the warnings on the label. I immediately threw the Lyrica in my garbage disposal. I would never take them again after reading the warnings and contraindications. Just my own feelings. I am glad if it helps others but its not for me. I also recently stopped Vicodin after about 6 months. I am sticking with Motrin and living with the pain until I have surgery.