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Hello To My Cyber Friends, I Hope You All Are Ok. As For Me The Past Few Days Have Been Tough. I Saw My Worker Comp Md On Wednesday And She Ordered Some New Pain Meds, Now I Am On Demerol 100mg 4 Times A Day And I Am Weaning Off Of The Neurontin And Is Suppose To Start The Lyrica Next Week. I Hope Something Helps Because This Pain Gets Real Bad At Times. It Is Funny Because Even With This Demerol I Am Still Miserable. I Did Ask Her For A Second Opion Also And The Worker Comp People Are In The Process Of Getting Me A New Surgeon To See. I Am Still Off Work, The Doc Gave Me 3 More Weeks Off. I Havr Been Off Since The 6th Of Dec. Is It Usually This Tough To Heal From 2 Disk Herniations. I Thought I Would Be Better By Now.

I'm sorry that you are still miserable, but yes, it does take a long time to heal. When you consider that to heal from a fusion surgery is 6 months, December isn't such a long time.

I think you will find that the Lyrica will help with the nerve pain. Do be aware that one of the side effects of Lyrica is weight gain (15 lbs for me). And of course there is nothing worse for back folks than extra weight.

If you find that the meds are not working, you might ask for a slow release that will help level out the pain.

hang in there. You are in my prayers.