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Hallo everybody, I had my third back surgery on jan. 17, the fist two surgeries made by a neurosurgeon were unappropriate, I already wrote something about them 8 months ago, he put a screw beween my vertebrae (L5 S1) but they didn't fuse. After an x ray check on december they saw that and a new surgeon, very famous here in Rome, accepted to operate me to take the screw away and to put four screw and two plates to finally stop the two vertebraes.
I stayed at the clinic for 10 days, then home with a corset especially made on my shape, that I can ony take away for the night sleep.
The next three weeks I didn't get out from home no car, no walk with dogs..I had a lady that helped me for the home works.
I had the x-ray control one week ago, fusion is running...everything is ok but I have to keep the corset on for another month..
I still have pain, some muscular pain, different from before surgery, they said that is normal, pain is caused by the different body position.
The therapy is lyrica 75 morning and evening, co-efferalgan (codeine+paracetamol) if needed, xanax for the night sleep...so I will keep in touch with you...sorry for my english and take care...let's go through all this all together ok? All the best to you all!!!