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Hi Vicky. Your symptoms are not unlike many of us. Before fusion..All my issues where on my right side, and would only travel to the left during severe flares. Post fusion, I woke up with an entire left numb side.. from my toes even to my face! My leg was dead.. you could have stuck a fork in me on my thigh.. and I would have only felt the pressure of it. BUT my right side.. fixed me right up! Pain was gone!!!

The doctor explained that he worked from that side mostly, but he also stated that he did not get near the nerve. I did not have severe compression as it was caught before my disc collapsed.

But here I am 10 months now post fusion, with still some residual numbness on the left of my outer thigh, calf--more on the outer part, and numb foot- but mostly first two toes. It's more annoying that anything. I endure the nerve pain that comes and goes, since I can not take Neurontin or Lyrica. I have been told now by two surgeons, that the numbness I have will be permanent.

Personally I dont think your meds are strong enough in my opinion. Post fusion the doc doubled my vicodin tabs from 5/500 to 10/500 and I am a tiny person. I am still taking those today, but I also take on average 1 per day, along with one skelaxin.

I honestly think you need to say exactly what you did to us to your doctor. Point blank say what you said.. that you dont think he understands you and what your needs are. Also tell him you live alone and thus have a bit more to do than the average person that has family support in the home. Ask him to send you to pain management if he is not comfortable in perscribing meds. Point blank tell him you are suffering and need his help!

If he doesnt send you to pain management...As for the depression, you can go to a regular GP to get meds for that, as it is considered a separate issue. That might be the best way to get around that issue.

Uh.. you are on FMLA and they fired you while "on it" and it was not exhausted? By standard, that is illegal and why FMLA was made law to protect from this. The only way they can legally do that is if your position was "essential" and then fmla would not apply to you anyway. Did they abolish your job? Umm, how long were you on fmla and you do know that fmla is done by calendar year from the first onset? It's cummulative. If I recall, FMLA allows 12 weeks per calendar year (but is cyclical). So if you were out say last October for 6 days and they counted all of that time toward FMLA leave.. then you would have basically 11 weeks available of FMLA leave through the next October. What exactly occurred and their stance for firing you? (Sorry, I was an HR Director, am curious and was always pro employee).

Are you on their health insurance, and if you can, take advantage of the COBRA insurance. I am still on COBRA from my divorce, because I dont have an employer that offers insurance and trying to get personal insurance with back issues is a joke! No one will touch any of us.

I hope your appointment goes well and that he surprises you and actually listens to you this time. Let us know how you are doing. Take care. Tammy:wave: