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I am new and this is only my 2nd post so please forgive me of any wrong doings.

As I stated in my 1st post I have been dealing with my back for approx 25 years. Lately I have had injections my back and they have worn off. I am scheduled for additional injections on 3/6 and until then I am taking 1-2 percocet every 4-5 hours along with 1-2 skelaxin. Twice a day I am taking Lyrica . All of this helps however the pain never really goes away. My boss has been very kind and gave me the time off until I get my injections next Tuesday…..have been off for 2 ½ weeks to date.

I try not taking the meds because I wonder if I am just making it all up, then the pain comes back and I wait until it almost becomes unbearable and I take the meds again on a schedule. I fell guilty I am not at work plus I am afraid I will loose my job because I am missing so much work. Maybe I am just paranoid! After finding this website and reading some of the posts I realize I am not the only one who has the same back, leg, feet and groin pain.

I just hope that those I work for understand this is real. I do have one question though, how do you convince a spouse this is real?

Thanks for listening.