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Well look who's back :rolleyes: you snuck out so quick I couldn't say goodluck before you left.. Glad to see you back and smiling.

You and Pepper swappin OR stories yet ? How was the tonic before the surgery ? Thats the best part .:D

I just got back from my pain management Dr. that skipped out on me . Good New's and Bad new's , he lowered my med dosage to a 15mg instead of a 30 Mg Morphine..thats 1 less pill than I'd be taking ..Bad new's is I agree'd for him to do my spinalcord trial stimulator on me..BUT I see my surgeon and another PM doctor on the 8th so it's not in stone yet.

He put me on Gabapentant for nerve pain on top of my Lyrica so help that hold down the pain.

Enough of me , hows that pain doin for you ? Did everything go well ? Remember no lifting bending or twisting ,and no driving for 6 weeks right ?
Glad your back..;)