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Hi Usta,

are you on any type of nerve pain med, like neurontin or lyrica? If not, ask your dr. about it. The neurontin worked great for me.

Take care
HI there. I had the nerve pain set in on me about 2 weeks post op where it really got bad. And about a week post op, the bad leg cramps began.

I tried Neurontin & Lyrica.. and seem to be allergic, soooo I had to tough out my nerve pain.

But the leg cramps were taken care of by just going and getting a calcium/magnesium supplement. Took the cramps away and they didnt return.
The body really gets all out of whack and stripped of some very important things and calcium is needed in order for the muscles to relax.

I did try the lidocaine patches on my legs.. got minor relief. I tried BIOFREEZE which is a more hopped up gel type analgesic that is used in PT offices. My PM doctor started me on this stuff awhile back and I didnt like it before the surgery, and now I use it on my new sciatica and pain and it does offer some nice relief. The best part of this stuff is that once it dries.. you don't smell like a mint factory, but the stuff keeps on working.. and longer than the bengay, etc. You can't get this stuff in stores but it is sold online.

If you can take a nerve med...it's worth trying to get some relief. It was no fun toughing it out on my own. Taking this stuff now will also give your body a chance to adjust to it NOW instead of later, if/when you all try to return to work.

Hang in there.. I know how you all feel. It does ease up, but it takes some time. You are all in my thoughts. Tammy:wave:
Thanks all, I was beginning to think oh, now what. The surgical pain has been improving daily. This nerve thing is a totally different monster. The Flexeril the MD gave me isn't doing anything. I did still have some Lyrica left, I just took some so hopefully it will last thru getting to sleep tonight. Does is last long? It is only in the knee and lower front and inside of right leg where pre surgery was numb. Like do I need another prescription of something to get thru it or will it go away in a few days. I have about two doses of Lyrica left. Is it the nerves in the back that they cut getting to the disc or is it just the fact that the nerves have been depresses for several weeks and are just beginning to function correctly like pre pressure syndrome. I didn't see this one coming, so thanks for knowing what I'm talking about. Wearing socks, pants or blankets in bed right now are not happening... I posted earlier, thanking you all for the suggestions, but I don't see it here now, so if it mysteriously re-appears, just disregard it. Oh, one more question, I've been trying to walk more, mostly inside the house, but a little outside today and two times my right leg nearly gave out on me, didn't support my weight. It didn't hurt, it just didn't want to stand up to holding me. I didn't fall, it just scared me a little. I guess this is normal too? MD didn't tell me to use a walker or cane but I don't want to fall. Any suggestions for strengthening the right leg to better handle this? He said it may take several weeks for full strength to return to the right leg... I sure am glad that you all are out there to help those of us that haven't been down certain roads. I just hope that in the future I can be of just as much help as you all have been to me. Thanks again, Usta :) PS. Clover, how are you doing? Yvette, I hope you aren't getting nervous I feel it in my heart that it will all go well for you.
What kind of beds do you all sleep in, I need a better one for back support and don't want to spend a lot of money on the wrong thing. Thanks again... usda//Diet, I hope you had a good weekend, how long has it been for you now as far as post surgery?