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Hi you all! Man these past couple of days have been pure torture for me. My leg pain is in overdrive. i mean I cant sit, get up, walk or move without it reminding me it is still there. I mean it is intense burning and almost unbearable, with pain from my left buttock to my ankle and numbness of my toes. I have left several messages with my doctor and no return call. maybe she is tired of me. She did wean me off the neurontin and started me on lyrica last week and i have no results. i have a 2nd opion with a spine surgeon on the 26th and i cant wait to see him. Its sad because I am totally miserable.
Hi Rachel.. time to call your doctor and WHINE WHINE WHINE! Ask to speak with his/her PA there or there nurse if they don't have a PA. Let them know you have called several times with no return call to date and you now need immediate assistance. Tell them your pain is UNBEARABLE! The Lyrica is not working at all! Sometimes you MUST be the Squeaky wheel to get your point made.

During that call, I would suggest you ask if you can RETURN to taking the Neurontin, or increase the Lyrica, or SOMETHING. Tell them they have to do something! That will hopefully light a fire under them, and lighten your fire in your legs.

Let us know how it goes! Good luck. :wave: