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Hi Hessie,
Good thing is you have fusion started ,at my one level fusion it took like a year and a half for me and I been reading if your not fused in a year it most likely won't ? I think every doctor's have there own opinion's on that subject.

The pain in the hip's feet leg's seem to be a popular thing..I have that pain to,,at first they told me it was my nerve's waking..Yea right ! Now it's permanent damage ..Maybe your developing scar tissue or somthing ?

I do hope you feel better soon..I tried Gabapentin but I found Lyrica works best for me. I'm on 75mg 3 times a day now .
Hi Hessie - I understand that. I had alot of swelling and pain when I was on Lyrica. I really hope you get back into what you need to help you feel better. Spring will be here soon! So walking will be nice! I just hope you find a little relief hessie, you deserve it!