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[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Hi EVeryone,
I have been in the process of changing over from neurontin to lyrica, well I'm on 100mg 3 times a day for a few days now. Well I'm not so sure about this, I dont' have the relief that I did on the other. I"m feeling way more nerve damage pains along with way more back pain. To add to that I called the new PM office on thursday, still no refill called in for my flexiril !!! now I have to skip a few doses to get me thru the weekend. I can tell ya I'm not very happy with this new guy right now. My spine Dr. would have NEVER done this.

I really need to know if others out there have had the same problems with PM's. I have never dealt with them before. I'm really doubting getting these facet injections now. Part of me wants it but theres that lil nagging voice in my head that sayd NO DON'T DO THIS! I have had the injections at the start of my trouble yrs ago they didn't help at all.

I know my problems are rather severe but I'm feeling very insecure with this new guy, maybe it's just that I need to give him a chance? I know the way I feel right now I want call him and say some not very nice things. I go to my spine surgeon on wednesday, so we will see his opinion of this treatment plan. It 's sounds so good, guess we'll see.

Also my new anti-depressant is really messing with me BIG time. I have to eat when taking it at night, but I feel my heart beating in my chest like it's gonna bust wide open, then it's in my head throbing. If I eat ALOT it's not as bad but still there. I'm gionna try cutting them in half and I"m gonna ask the pharmacist since my PM doesn't even have a service to get hold of him after hrs. Once again I'm very happy with him.

Well anyway guess I just need a lil reassurance and some advice on if I'm handling this the right way. The PM also told me not to cmplain to my family & friends, to talk to the medical people but not to complain to my family since it will stress them out, so now I"m just holding it ALL in, thats helping all of this at all.

I'll be back around in a few, have to do some running around.

God Bless


I was initially started on Lyrica and I took me a few weeks to get the amount built up my blood stream to make it work correctly...I've been on 200mg x 3day for the last 6 months...But when I first started on it, I was had a feeling of being light headed, and for a short time (week or two) had a to a hard to describe feeling of euphoria :dizzy:, I was almost afraid to drive during that time..It passed and now I feel like the Lyrica is working well for me, but he doc was thinking about raising the dose too, with some increasing leg pain I've been getting.

Hope it helps and hang in there..the Lyrica is good stuff for some, it just needs some time go get in the body and start working to see if its for you.

Thanks Aaron for the info on the lyrica, I figured it might be a bit longer than a week to get rid of the neurontin effects and get fully on the lyrica, but boy I didn't think it was gonna feel this bad while in transition.

Pepper, Boy that beach would be kickin right now! I didnt' get to the drug store but I did decide to not take them any more until I talk to the doc, back to the old ones for now. I dont' want to stop them all together. I do see my spine doc on wed. so maybe he can give me his input on that reaction too.

OK well hopefully a good nights sleep for me I went to sleep at like 1 am last night and got up at 7 am, so I'm hopin to be snoozzin before too long. Gonna make a few greeting cards that gets my mind in the zone and mellows the pain a bit.

Hope you all have a pain free night.:wave:
God Bless

I'll be dreamin bout that beach, in my new 50 lb lighter bod, hehe!:D
Oh I'm on that beach, see the waves rolling in? the warm sea air? My son lives 10 minutes from laguna beach, CA, that would be a nice place to start. I took a lil extra vicodin, had to do something to manage the flexiril gap. I did add an extra lyrica today too, not helping but then I guess I shouldn't have took that trip to Sam's before the beach, huh.

Hello my dear friend!! Sorry to hear the transition is rough going so far. I see many changes coming from this new PM. Some sound good and some not so good.

First off, I think your PM is somewhat treating you like a newbie with the comments about talking to your family about pain. That sounds like it anyway. Like DUH.. you didnt already know not to unleash on them all the time! BUT you are a seasoned veteran to this process as many of us are, and thus, so is our family. (I think he could have left that comment out for your situation to be honest.)

I am "STUNNED" that this doctor has no after hours contact mechanisms in place, ie- on-call rotations. Just stunned! That would not be good for me. I have never called any of these doctors during off hours thank goodness, but if EVER did.. I would want to know my doctor could be reached if needed.

Now good is that he's trying some new meds to see if they help you better. You were on a pretty high dose of the Neurontin and it might just be a bit for the Lyrica to do it's thing and also your body adjusting to the difference.

He also changed your anti-depressant? Hmm.. wonder why, maybe the Lyrica works better with this new one? What did he give you new and what have you been taking? Either way, Im glad you stopped taking the med that made your heart race.. that is not good.


Well try giving this guy the benefit of the doubt and it being a transitional phase, but if it continues Carol.. might have to rethink this and discuss other options with your surgeon. Make sure you tell him what's go on with things and just let him know you are not happy with this guys protocols and lack of to date. This way you are not asking him to comment against another doctor, but are giving him the "in" to do if he desires, or is at least on alert about what's transpired to date.

As to the facet injections.. it might help you this go round where it did not before.

I am now seeing this new spine surgeon and so far, I've only seen him once but like him so far. But then my other surgeon (that I told him I just wanted a separation and not divorce from yet.. hehehe) he stated that injecting the facets might be of some help to me also. I just had my new MRI done and just need to make a appointment to go back and talk with the new guy about it.

I have been so busy with my college course (first exam was a high B! Yay! This was a very difficult portion and I was thrilled with the B! I am normally an A only person.. it's a anal thing ..hehehe).

But also that house I had been working on with tile, etc for so long.. Well, we decided to move back into it after all this time. We miss our friends there and it's 1/2 the size of this place, so much easier to care for. So have been also busy with getting it finished, and ready to move in. But still so much undone there, but need to get this log home on the spring market. It's ready to go other than getting us out of here to get it nice and spit shined to show! Hopefully it will seel quickly but is a niche market sale. But the home is magazine gorgeous, so I am hoping for a quick sale. But, I am totally worn out and more to come over the next few weeks then company arrives from Europe for the next month after that!

I can't wait to see them, but boy.. gonna be so tired and still have to keep up with school. Not easy , but I will make it all work.

I am thinking about you all the time and hoping this PM works out for you. Could just be a bad first impression thing. Might give him a chance and see how it all pans out. But if it doesnt, dont feel trapped there.. there are other PM's.

Wish you all the best my friend. Hang in there. Im doing the same! :wave:
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Hi Kissa,
I have adjusted the lyrica to 4 a day instead of 3 and it did seem to make a difference. PM may not like that but oh well, I'm not gonna suffer the entire weekend since he doesn't have an answering service. I also stopped the anti-depressant went back to my old one for now.

I will be addressing these problems with him, or should I say his asst. I may be looking you up for the one you have. I do want to give this guy a chance, he has people that come from California to see him, which is great if he does well with them, but he's not earning his fees on me thats for sure.

Thanks for your reply. God Bless

Justoneofus, Great grade!! sounds like a great house too, wish I could afford it I would snatch that up, I love log homes.

The anti-depressant is Desyrel 100 mg at night. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, my heart was beating so hard & fast I couldn't even count a pulse, my legs were like rubber, I was even afraid to go up the stairs to wake my hubby. I grabbed the phone and weaved out to the kitchen and grabbed somthing to eat hoping it would help. It did calm things down. I took it for 3 nights and no more. I feel better now that i'm not taking it for a few nights.

Well enough of me for now. It's been a while since I have been on here the past few weeks, not up to date with many of the posts.

It sounds like your rolling right along pretty good. Thats so nice to hear good news, that your LIVING life. I hope you enjoy your company and you continue to do well with your classes.

Thanks for the well wishes!

God Bless

:wave: Carol!! That is great news about the lyrica and you are seeing some positive progress. Positive is :cool: that is for sure!!

I say just let your PM/asst be mad and explain to them that you thought you might have to call 911 and if they don't understand it then they have no compassion and we want you to RUN from them. If you can't RUN, then waddle out of there quick.

Carol, thank you for being here for us all and please keep coming back and posting on the board WE NEED YOU!!
Carol, i am so sorry for all the pain you have to deal with and with that pm doctor you have. I pray that everything will be okay with you son and that it is nothing to serious. As for the lyrica, I started it 2 weeks ok and I have been in a living hell since. I was tapered off of the neurontin because it did not help, but this lyrica for me is a joke. I am glad that it is starting to work for you. You take care
Jill & Rachel,
I'm so sorry that I didn't respond to your posts, I have not been on here the past few days. I thank you for the comforting words. I still have not heard from the PM Dr. I called on monday and they said they would email him, EMAIL!! I really expect a lil more contact than EMAIL!! I never did get my meds called in by him,I turned back to my spine surgeon and they called in my meds right after I hung up with them. They cationed me that the PM may not see me again if I get the meds from them, WELL I will not be seeing him again, if he can't handle a refill should I really trust him with needles in my spine? I think not.

I go the spine surgeon wednesday, we have a looooooong talk ahead of us as to what my path will be now. I will keep you all updated. I am feeling a bit better since my meds are all on track now and I think the Lyrica is much better on me than the neurontin, I can remember my name now, hehe. Seriously I feel much more clear headed, I upped the lyrica to 4 a day and it seems to be helping a bit better than the 3 a day was (100 mg each).

Once again, I'm so grateful to all of you for the support, I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me.

God Bless

Hey gal! Wanted to pop in and say that I am so happy to hear that you have dumped the PM already. I think it is wise, especially STILL getting no response from him/her. His office was going to email him to contact you?? BIZZARE and sounds like this is not his regular home and he satellites in from time to time. BUT that is NOT WHAT YOU NEED.

You need an extremely compassionate PM that is experienced in working with chronic pain patients (these types do not treat seasoned pain veterans like newbies).

I am so happy to hear you right to the one you trust and can sit down and regroup and start a new plan.

So the Lyrica is starting to work!! AWESOME! Glad to hear.

I am so busy I dont even have time to call my doctor and schedule an appointment to hear what he has to say about my MRI! hehehe. I will in the next few weeks. Right now.. I "seem" to be having some really good UP TIME and I hope it continues. But you know how it can change in a second.

Anyhow.. must get to bed. Just wanted to stop in and let you know I was thinking about you.

Let me know your visit goes. I will be at least peeping in here tomorrow night. Nite. Tam:wave: