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Work ? I wish I were working..My wife call's me her little house
Bi_ _h!:dizzy: I don't like her when she talks dirty to me :mad: . But no I don't work I been fired from my job because I can't perform my lifting duties and they couldn't find me any job that I could do and they have people in wheelchairs working there..After 12 years fired. I can't stand to be on my feet anyway. This is why I'm so scared for our future. I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box and there is few things I can do..Re-up in the ARMY ? Can't even do that..Shoot me !

I was taking percocets /Morphine but had to get off that junk and now I'm paying for it...All I take now is Lyrica and 15 mg Morphine 1 every 12 hours and my pain HURTS !

Hope your having a good day :p