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Hi Jaylynn,
My name is Michelle and I have been part of the boards for about a year. I had two level ALIF/PLIF last July. They went thru my stomach first to set the cages then flipped me over to do the screws and stuff. My recovery went ok-I hear so many newer people going thru so much of what I did-the burning calves,sleep problems(get a prescription sleep aid!),PT soreness and the experimenting with meds to find the right combination. My stomach incision healed fast and had less complications than my back. I am 7 months post op and back to pretty much my normal life. I am fusing according to schedule. I do still take Lyrica and Cymbalta as I work thru the nerves healing from extreme sciatica. On a rare accasion I will take a Lortab if I do too much but I have been cleared to take extra strength Advil and it works for me.
I apologizes to my back buddies for not posting for a while but I have gotten back to working 40 hours a week, taking care of my house and family, hanging out in my garden. We are moving in June to Kansas City area! I guess I won't be "settled in tex" anymore! LOL:)