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Hi my cyber friends, I was just giving a update. I have been in sooo much pain this last week. Yesterday I almost went to the er again. I can barely walk and sleeping is out of the question. I mean I have never in life had pain this bad, including childbirth. I have a hard time sitting and standing also. My pt tried the tens today and it brought my pain down from a 9 to 6, by time I got to my appointment the pain shot back up. I am back to using the cane again. My worker comp doctor wants to see if I could see the spine surgeon any sooner esp. since my symptoms are much worse, she also stopped the demerol and started me on ms contin 15mg every 8 hours and vistaril and she will order a tens unit also.
Back problems is new for me it is going on 4 months now and compared to you all I have not been suffering that long. I also told her I have a weird feeling in my rectum like its aching but feels like something is there. She does not know what else to do but cont. with med management until I see the surgeon.
Have any of you tried Ms contin and does it work? I hope it works, she also increased the lyrica to75mg at bedtime. I pray that I feel better soon. No way I can make it another 2 weeks in this pain. Thanks for listening to me whine.
Hi usta you are right and it makes sense because the pain meds are not touchung the nerve pain. I was on neurontin before 600mg 3 times a day and it did not work and now she switched me to lyrica 2 weeks ago. She upped the dose today. I sure hope it works. Thanks
kk - I hope the increase in lyrica helps with your nerve pain. I am experiencing that as well and frankly it stinks. Take care of yourself and know that I praying and pulling for you. :)