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[COLOR="SeaGreen"]HI Guys,:D
Well I'm back and very sore, the trip on top of the stress & lack of meds has caught up with me big time now. I know it will all calm down in a day or two.

I had a shock this morning before leaving the house, that crazy PM doc called!!!! It only took 6 days. First words out of my mouth were why did it take 6 days for you to call! I was not nice, he was stuttering around with flimsy pass the buck excuses about how is staff had major changes and everyone is new and I may have basically slipped thru the cracks! I will not slip thru them again. He was on vacation, he said he doesnt let any other doc refill anything, well if he's not doing it someone should. He said I should have called his after hours service they call him directly, they never answered I told him, it just rang & rang. Thats why I thought he had no service. In his mind none of this was his fault. Well I didnt' tell him then that I wasn't coming back because I didnt' see my spine surgeon yet.

The spine surgeon, refferred me to someone he knows very well and said he knows I will like him. I go there on the 29th to discuss the facet shots and PT. I had PT at this hospital many times, they give you one on one PT, I liked that. My doc said if the facet shots work I would be a candidate for the nerve root burning, OUCH!!!!!, he thinks with the shots & PT I may not need the burning. It was a good visit, I trust him alot, we have seen each other every 6-8 weeks since 7-2003. We know each others personalities very well. He did agree with the PM that I'm not gonna be getting healed, I do have two other discs going bad so this will be to make me more comfortable and hopefully get me stronger to support my spine better and slow down the DDD.

I'm gonna be trying the cymbalta instead of the pamalor and will stay on the lyrica along with the flexiril and ES vicodin. I'm kinda down though, I want to be rid of this stuff so bad, all the meds, the pain, not ever getting better is not what I want. I know I can't do much about it and in a few days I will be better. It's just all catching up with me I think. I'm so so tired of it ALL.

Guess I'll go for now, I need to stretch this body out in bed for a while after all the riding today. I'm sorry in advance for not responding to your posts tonight, thats if I can sleep.

Thanks for all your support!

God Bless