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I have been taking neurontin for over a year now. It did mess with my concentration and memory. I am now on lyrica for about a week or so, my thinking is so clear now, my memory is getting better, I woudl possibly ask my doc to try something else if your not remembering working or tending to the baby, those are serious things. You really want to be with it a lil more than that. I do know someof the side effects do go away once your body is adjusted to it. I was taking 2700 mg a day, and it did effect me but not to the extent you are both talking about.

Good Luck, I'm sure you will both find something that will help.

God Bless


PS- Don't just stop taking it abruptly as it can cause seizures in some.
My family calls Neurontin "morontin" because of how goofy I could be on it.I have switched from 2400mgs of Neurontin at night to 150mg of Lyrica 2 times a day. I am functioning better during the day and my memory has improved!
You just gotta play with it till you find what works for you.