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Sorry about your pain. I just wanted to warn you about that
MS CONTIN , I used to take 30mg's of ms contin and 15mg of oxycodone and found myself dependant of them..It is terrible to ween off them drug's.
As of right now I only take 15mg MsContin 1 every 12 hours and Lyrica 75mg

I know your in pain and so am I , but pill's only help you cope with the pain it doesn't take it away..Please be careful with them.:)
Wow Shawley thank you for the warning. I never even gave it a thought about becoming dependent on them. So You say I will need to wean off of them when its time to stop taking them? Is there withdrawl symptoms from this. So you had a experience with this was it bad? I am also taking lyrica 75mg at bedime. Thanks again Shawley!
Oh my yes , the MsCotin is very addicting ..The Lyrica isn't..
The Ms is a opiate(drug) and it's very addicting /dependancy on the body.
I was taking them for over a year to..

Becareful :)